Have you ever looked up your name on online? Most people I know did at some point.

What comes up?

If you have an active online persona, odds are that some information about you may surface. In my case, I get pages and pages talking about my nemesis, a Canadian children book author who's shadow I somehow end up living in.

This identity-echo phenomenon is exacerbated on the web where the pool of people that might share your name is orders of magnitudes larger than within any other communication system.

I create this project, an ever growing dynamic series of portraits of myself, in order to reflect on the nature of online identity. The text elements composing the portraits are a snapshot of what Google has to report on my name at the time.

Autoportrait also allows visitors to participate in the experiment and witness how to their online identies change over time. Will these auto-portraits change towards are more accurate reflection of the person and their achievements, or will our Google-identies become even more unclear, intertwined and superimposed in new and unforeseen ways?

Requirements: Java Plug-in 1.5 (Mac users need OSX 10.4)
This project was funded by Year01 for the CODE exhibit
See more of my work at deadpixel.ca